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Wood Workshop

Access the best-equipped professional wood workshop in London from only £35 per day. Each of our pay as you go workspaces comes equipped with a bench, power and access to a great range of industrial wood working machinery for as long as you need. Low overheads and high output are yours for the taking.

All kinds of makers call BloQs home - from carpenters and set designers, to artists and furniture makers - so it's a great place to network and build up your contact base. Take a look around and see what's on offer. 

Woodworking Machines

You'll need to pass a safety assessment specific to each machine you'd like to use at BloQs, after which you can book in according to your requirements. 

Most of the machines in our Woodworking department are included in the price of your workspace booking, and some can be hired for exclusive use. Click through to read specific details for each machine below.

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Wood Workspaces

Once you have paid for a Safety Induction you can book your woodwork bench in a woodwork bay. Our workspaces vary in size so you can get what’s right for you and you can book as many as you need.

All workspaces come with power and a woodworking bench and many come with a vice and pressured airline.

You can book in to BloQs either Pay-As-You-Go or longer term 12 months contract, whatever works best for you. Check out the workspaces below.



How BloQs Works