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Speedy Version...

1. Open An Online Account

Click the Join Now button & create your BloQs account. Membership is FREE so there's no ongoing subscriptions to pay.


2. Book Your Safety Induction

Safety comes first at BloQs, so you’ll need to book yourself a Safety Induction. It’s quick & is a one-off £20.

3. Book Yourself Workspace

Whether it’s Wood, Metal, Fabric or Engineering, book your workspace & get making!

1. Open An Online Account

Click on the Join Now button to create an online account. Create a password, submit your details, and follow the instructions to verify your email address.

Login and you will see the Dashboard. Going forward, anything that you need to book, you can book from there.

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2. Book Your Safety Induction

At your Safety Induction, we show you some important things you need to know about how to use BloQs and how to stay safe.

Your Safety Induction is also the key that unlocks you all other resources. Once you have paid for an Induction, you are able to book Workspace, Machine Assessments and Training.

3. Book Yourself Workspace

When you book a workspace, it is your exclusive working area where you can leave your tools, materials, work in progress, come & go as you please, for as long as you’re booked in.

Booking a Workspace means you may use the shared machines you’ve passed an assessment for.

4. Book Machine Assessments

To use any machine at BloQs you MUST have an Assessment before you can use it. This is so we can be sure you are safe to use it. This is true for every single machine and is our most important BloQs law.

An assessment is like a mini driving test. You show us that you are already skilled and competent to use the machine, and we pass you to use it. If you are not ready to take an Assessment or you didn’t pass one, no worries, we offer One-to-One Training.

5. Book Other Resources

As well as workspaces, there are some resources at BloQs that you will need to book exclusively to use. The CNC Machines, the Paint Shop and the Welding Machines are bookable.

To book any of these, you will first need to pass the relevant Assessment or Training.

6. One-to-One Training 

Training for CNC Machines can be booked through your account.

All other machine training is one-to-one with a member of staff. To book this, please contact the Front of House Team.

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How BloQs Works