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BloQs is open

In light of the guidelines around the UK national lockdown which begins on Thursday 5 November - in particular that “workplaces should stay open” and that people can to go to work “if they cannot work from home” - Building BloQs will remain open.

We will continue to operate unless and until the government requires us to close by law, and for as long as sufficient numbers of Members continue to use our services.

Our recent experience has demonstrated beyond any doubt that BloQs is essential to its Membership and we will do all we can to remain open, functional, and at the service of our Members.


It is vital that we do all we can to preserve the health of our working community and that of our city. We are asking for renewed vigilance from all Members using the workspace in observing our social distancing measures and hygiene practices. Further, we ask that Members do not bring clients or guests to the workspace during this time. We also encourage everyone to wear masks as much as possible.

As ever, official requirements and guidance are liable to change at short notice. We will endeavour to respond quickly and keep the community informed with news updates like this one, as well as over our web presence.

Warmest best wishes to all and stay safe,

The BloQs Team

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