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BloQs offers business support to Members



Is your business suffering in the wake of covid?

This crisis has been horrendously tough for many BloQs Members. For some of our community even that is an understatement. Now BloQs can offer new support.

It is really exciting that we can bring you some good news, news which is especially aimed at those of you whose businesses have been or are struggling to get back up and running in the wake of the pandemic.

We've been working hard to get support and now we've landed something really great - a grant to subsidise workshop costs for those Members who need it most.

The BloQs Team had been working on an application to the Culture At Risk Business Support Fund a £1.6 million pot supported through the Mayor of London’s Creative Workspace Resilience Fund and the Creative Land Trust. Thankfully our application was a success.
Some grant money has been awarded to BloQs in order that we can subsidise Members’ access costs for those Members who's businesses have most adversely affected by the pandemic.

We are now welcoming applications from any BloQs Member. Support will be distributed on a per booking basis.

If successful you will get between 25% & 50% of your booking subsidised, depending on your case & the availability of grant - we need to be as fair as possible and help as many Members as we can.

We will consider applications for bookings over £100. The maximum value that any one Member can achieve in subsidy will be £1000.

We will consider applications from those with long term workspace or storage too - please note, an application for help with these costs can only be considered for periods of 1 one month per application.

You can apply for support in accessing Space, Machines, Storage, Assessments, and Training and a proportion of the budget has been allocated for those struggling with onboarding costs when first joining - machine assessments etc.
To get support you will need to make your case - why you need it, what it will allow you do etc - and supply some evidence to support it. It's a simple two stage process, a form and a meeting, aimed at being light touch whilst taking care to help those who need it most.

1) Any application will be considered within 7 days. If selected, you’ll be invited to 2) an online meeting. We'll let you know a decision the day after. We want to be as quick as possible and put this help to work.
To apply, please login to your account and look for the Resilience Fund section.

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