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Open House

Open House is an exciting chance to glimpse behind the scenes of so much that is usually off limits. But for a weekend in September its playtime in London and Building BloQs is taking part. Why not find out what happens in our busy industrial workshop?

BloQs is an open access workspace where professional makers can find all they need to fabricate and make. There are workspaces of all kinds and ranks of topflight industrial machines that mean many hundreds of freelancers and companies call us their making home where membership is free.

Our Woodworking Department is filled with carpenters sawing and sanding, while in the Metal Workshop welders spark brightly and sheet metal clangs on our mighty guillotine. An Engineering Department boasts beefy mills and lathes and the CNC Section is busy cutting and milling using computer designs, lasers and raw power. Textiles work is happening in the Fabric Department, frenetic sewing machines abuzz, and a huge extraction unit hums in the Paint Booth as products are sprayed to a fine finish.

All these facilities will be on show with demonstrations of the digital machines showing visitors the delicacy and might of cutting-edge technology. You will see makers and designers going about their usual work of building and making the things our busy city needs and wants.

After a tour of all the things, take a break in the BloQs Café. Food and drink is served right over the weekend. Take tea as you gaze through our glass wall into the workshops, or settle down to a tasty homecooked meal. Perhaps you’ll even fancy a refreshing pint of local draft ale to set you up as you explore the city’s nooks and corners.

Visiting us we won’t give you a whole roast dinner in a stick of chewing gum, but we do promise you an up close and personal look at a fabulous mini fabrication factory. And just maybe, you might even find something you’d like to take home with you, newly made before your very eyes.

Meridian Water

Building BloQs is bang in the middle of the new Meridian Water Development Zone that is fast putting Edmonton back on the map after its industrial lull of the 80s & 90s and a walking tour will show all there is to see. New homes are springing out of the ground, London’s newest train station gleams proudly on Meridian Way, and exciting spaces like The Drum Sheds will welcome visitors keen to see London at its busy best. The Meridian Water Masterplan Walking Tour concludes with a tour of Building BloQs.

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