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BVC Vacuum IV45

Machine Zone



These twin motor vacuums have a 45 litre capacity and have tough stainless steel canisters. They are versatile, highly manoeuvrable workhorses for a variety of applications around the workshop, variously keeping air quality high and the workspace clean.

These units are available to book for the day for members who do now own their own extraction units.

For the health and safety of all workshop users, extraction must be used for all power tools creating chip &/or dust – machines such as routers, sanders and planes.

Price List
This machine is available at no cost as part of a wood bay booking. You will need to complete a safety assessment on the machine at a cost of £40.


Technical Spec 
Cutting height: 410 mm
Rip capacity: 480 mm
Fly wheel dia.: 500 mm
Table size: 500 x 640 mm
Cutting speed: 1100 m/min
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