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BloQs Spray Booth - Jurijs 100

Machine Zone

Spray Booth

Jurijs 100

A new drying room, drying racks, foot operated turn-table, hanging points and trestles mean you’re able to position work optimally.

Digitally adjustable extraction can draw as little or as much as required. Two distributors using PCL fittings make it possible to simultaneously connect a tool and a filtered mask feed.

You need to bring your own gun or purchase one in the BloQs Shop. We can also either supply, or advise on sourcing, paints and finishes.

The Spray Booth is available to Members who have passed a safety induction and is then bookable by the day or half-day.

Price List
Assessment - £22
Half Day - £39
Full Day - £78


Technical Spec 
Please contact the office for more details
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