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Murex Mig Welder Tradesmig 323

Machine Zone

Mig Welder

Murex Tradesmig 323

MIG (metal inert gas) is a type of arc welding where a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a gun and into the weld pool to join two base materials. The gun also supplies a shielding gas to swamp the immediate working area and so exclude oxygen. Safest, easiest, most versatile, MIG is the preference for indoor industrial use.

Of our three types of MIG this is the more powerful with a greater amperage making it the correct choice for thicker, heavier work.

The Mig Welder is bookable by the day by members who have passed the requisite assessment

Price List

Machine Assessment £22


Half Day £12
Full Day £24


Technical Spec 
320 Amp
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