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Ruairi Glynn

Ruairi Glynn

Installation Art
Ruairi Glynn practices as an installation artist and directs the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

He has exhibited internationally with recent shows at the Centre Pompidou Paris, the National Art Museum of China Beijing, and the Tate Modern, London. His interactive installations reflect on rapid developments in robotics, material science and computational technologies exploring the emerging aesthetics of behaviour permeating across art, architecture and design.

Drawing influence from the fields of psychophysics, cybernetics, and performance his work looks at the uncanny sensation of life (anima) present in interactive objects and environments. Projects such as Fearful Symmetry commissioned for the inauguration of the Tanks at Tate Modern examined the very human impulse to anthropomorphise and build emotional relationships with things that move and interact with signs of intelligence.

Focus: installation art and architecture, research, curation

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