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Rickie Cheuk

Rickie Cheuk

Material Explorer
A materials explorer who is passionate about art and design

Rickie is considered to be a ‘Materials Explorer’ and loves to go through the process of experimenting unconventional ways of making. He strives for sustainable design by using scraps of materials around the world to make with and turn into new composites. These findings have been documented in his book called Waste = Materials which details findings such as turning ugly fish skins into luxury leather and using pig bones to make marbled bathroom tiles.

Besides material exploration and product design, Rickie enjoys art and sculpture work and has brought his unconventional ways of making products to pen, paper, ink, paint and model making. One example includes using radio controlled cars to smear glow-in-the-dark paint onto canvas. Many of his works comment on the current situation of design and how sustainable design and art should be pushed forwards even more. Visually his work is minimalistic and often referencing Japanese philosophy.

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