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Richard Graham

Richard Graham

Make is an agency specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke creative projects. Micro manufacturing art and craft detail is our forte. 

We can provide full consultancy on concept design, offer rapid prototyping, 3d printing, CNC digital sculpture, hand made props, window displays, illustration & scenic painting, animations & general commercial art supply. We are valuable to organisations interested in improving, and building upon their identity in the commercial marketplace, who perhaps do not have in-house designers, illustrators or maker installation teams. Make works with a broad spectrum of clients, including retail shops, advertising & branding agencies, publishing houses, photographers, interior & set designers, restaurants and art galleries, often dealing with high end corporate brands.

Focus: Art and design, hand made props, 3d printing, CNC poly sculpting, making, scenic paint finishes, window displays, plinths, illustration & general commercial art supply. Props / commercial art / sculpture / art and design 

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