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Geraldine Wharry

Geraldine Wharry

Trend Atelier
Fashion designer and trend forecaster

My studio's creative process consists of researching and forecasting future trends in fashion for clients. Alongside my independently published trend reports (see website), I design a limited edition collection called 'Series'. 

Series translates our forecasts into form and garments. Some of the garments are reworked and customized clothes I find and others are organic tees I manipulate through surface treatments. 

At the root of it is a desire to work intuitively and manifest a design vision within the future foresight work I do with our clients and followers. 

Every style is handmade and hand customised in our London-based Atelier. With access to Building BloQs we will now have the opportunity to do different sewing operations and laser cut some of our fabrics. Exciting.

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