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Florentine Ruault

Florentine Ruault

Visual Artist
Florentine is currently investigating the impact of globalisation on contemporary cultures and future societies.

The standardisation of cityscapes and the mass migration of people are vital factors that feed into a new form of reality. Her aim is to stimulate debate around how we respond to our digital environment and modern cities by disrupting our perceptions of places and spaces. Creating sculptures which are integrated and inspired by architecture allows her to reach a wider audience. She wants to generate dialogue between the viewer and her pieces by moving her practice into the urban landscape.

She creates Immersive installations where audiences are invited to develop novel ways of acting, thinking and interacting. To achieve this goal, she alters the social and aesthetic environment in which individuals are familiar. She aims to transpose them into alternative realities where there is an emphasis on the physical and social interaction between viewers and the cities inhabitants. The purpose of these is to counter the encroachment of digital communication in individuals day to day lives and remind them of the power of personal interaction.

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