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Antonella Pica

Antonella Pica

Fashion Designer
Antonella is a Canadian fashion designer based in London, whose work is centred around ethical and sustainable practices in the production line.

Having studied fashion design in Canada, Antonella has experience in both product development and production for luxury brands. Seeking to be more efficient and resourceful, Antonella's work contributes to a conscious effort to make a change in unethical Fashion production. 

Peralta Pica is a women's luxury ready-to-wear and footwear brand that focuses on sustainable and ethical practices along development and production line. Antonella's vision for a more conscientious and eco fashion industry has derived from working in the industry over the years in New York and London, witnessing many ethical flaws and wanting to make changes for a better future.

Peralta Pica aims to provide ethically-crafted pieces at a reasonable price point for those who appreciate quality, durability and style.

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