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It’s Simple...

1. Join Building BloQs
2. Book your safety assessments
3. Book your work bay

Spray Booth

From £30 for half a day, members can access
the professionally equipped Spray Booth
measuring 4.6m x 3.5m and kitted out with filtered
compressed air, extraction and drying racks.





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Shop The Bloqs Shop stocks a range of consumables and materials for each department, and we can order large sheet materials and specialist items at competitive rates for next day delivery.
Cafe Giving you the energy for a day of making. Serving homemade food and hot drinks, anyone can drop in for breakfast or lunch. Open 8.00am til 5pm Mon-Fri + 9.00am til 4pm Sat
As a member of Building BloQs you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people with a wide range of professional experience and skills. Members work together on projects, share their knowledge, network and socialise.
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