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We love it here. We invite you to use our beautiful home to host your special event. Be it private or public, for business or pleasure, corporate or community led, Bloqs offers a superb range of options and services that makes it an ideal venue to welcome guests.

Call us on 0208 803 3987 or click below


Flexibility - We're here when you need us and we won’t cost you a penny when you don’t.

Security - Bloqs significantly reduces your over heads so you can minimise your risk and maximise your profits.

Quality machinery - Our machines will make your work better, easier and faster. They are fully maintained and upgraded for you, and you have the  convenience of cutting services, training, and support all under one roof.

Community - Bloqs is full of friendly faces. Create knowledge networks, find new collaborators, and opportunities.

We made this place for you. Come see!


Materials, consumables, tools and PPE, fixings, adhesives and tape. The shop supplies you with what you need when you need it, saving you time and money.


Whether its sorting you some storage, an office, a studio, or some new skills, the resources and services here are to help you grow and thrive. What do you need?


When you join Bloqs you're joining a community. Visit the Kitchen for coffee, meet other members, and take a look at our up coming events & courses.


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