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Reis Martin

Reis is a CNC Machining Consultant, Scenic Constructor and CAD Operator

Hello, and thank you for taking a look at my profile! I offer CNC Machining Consultation, CNC Machining to order, Scenery Construction and CAD Design services. My goal is to deliver top quality components and scenic elements on time, to budget. I construct from wood and metal. I have a passion for improvement - working out how to streamline steps whilst maintaining my standard is a game I love to play! SOFTWARE USED - Autodesk AutoCad - Autodesk Fusion360 - Vero Alphacam - BiesseWorks - CNI WRT/XNC Following my A-Level Passion of product design, I went straight into industry with a leading kitchens manufacturer. Over that year I applied my own research to the department improving machine run times and design processes. I taught myself to hand write ISO Code (G-Code) for the Biesse machines the company used. I am able to machine manufactured boards (MDF, Ply, Chipboard) and derived laminates. I can also machine hardwoods, plastics, composites and some non-ferrous metals. My knowledge of Biesse's technology, it's engineered limits, and world leading tooling make me a firm choice to produce hundreds of components in short order! I am a student of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, studying BA(Hons.) Theatre Practice - Scenic Construction. We are taught to take a production that is typically theatre from concept to reality - and back to the recycling plant! I start the process with an approved model box from a designer. From there, we produce together CAD Drawings of the final outcome. Once approved I make these into construction drawings and create materials lists. The materials and consumables are ordered at which point construction can begin. Working in collaboration with Scenic Artists and Prop Makers we are able to realise any design needs, however challenging. The set is transported to site where we work under controlled conditions to realise the design in the space. We will remove the set at the end of the run and recycle as much as possible. I have recently undertaken an 8 week industry placement with a large scale events construction company outside of London. There I carried out weeks of CNC Machining consultation and introduced their department to high speed machining. Previously their go-to cutter had a feedrate of 6 metres/min. Leveraging my industry contacts I brought in samples of high tech tooling which took them to 28 metres/min. These cutters are their new standard. Whilst working with them I retrained existing operators and made some crazy designs possible. This company is available as a reference if you wish to use my Consultation services.