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Your Open House Invitation

Workshops in Action
Workshops in Action
Sat 21st & Sun 22nd : “Workshops In Action” tour - every 60 mins (11am-4pm)

Visit our open workshop, which professional makers can join for free in order to access fabrication workspace and state-of-the-art machinery. For one weekend in September, Building BloQs invites you to share in the fun of Open House London.

Hourly tours will provide glimpses of a wide variety of tradespeople and creative-industry professionals going about their crafts. You'll see workspaces that are home to a diversity of small-scale enterprises. Over the last 7 years these same spaces have served as a launchpad for numerous graduates, artists, manufacturing start-ups, and more.

It's an opportunity to view a huge array of cutting-edge equipment in our woodwork and metalwork departments - all recently upgraded via regeneration grant funding awards which recognise the huge potential the facility provides to London makers and the local economy alike.

For those who've visited previously, and seen the likes of our fabrics studio and spray-booth before, there's still lots of new space to explore. We've doubled BloQs' footprint over the last few months, with the addition of open courtyard build-&-events space, new dedicated metalworking room, and a whole new engineering department with lathes and milling machines of both classic and ultra-modern styles. For those in the know, this includes shiny new CNC machining technology from Biesse and Haas.

You're also invited for refreshments or a meal in the BloQs Café overlooking the workshop. Perhaps even enjoy a pint of local draft ale - we'll be serving a great range of food and drink all day!

Meridian Water Masterplan Walking Tour

Building BloQs is central to the Meridian Water Development Zone, and major partner to the London Borough of Enfield in the associated Meridian Works project. These schemes are on track to put Edmonton back on the map after the industrial lull of the 80s & 90s, and a walking tour will show all there is to see. New homes are springing out of the ground, London’s newest train station gleams proudly on Meridian Way, and interesting spaces like The Drum Sheds will welcome any visitors keen to see London at its busy best. The Meridian Water Masterplan Walking Tour concludes with a tour of Building BloQs.


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