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Stark Naked Furniture

From personal project to burgeoning business

“I was using down time between assignments to do stuff with reclaimed wood around the house, and eventually I made a kitchen table, just from old bits of scaffolding boards.”

When Henry Wilkins began recycling scaffolding boards into pieces of furniture, he saw there was a niche in the market. Stark Naked Furniture was born, and he’s now got investors, a swish new website, and is growing his business, all in part thanks to finding Building BloQs.

A journalist by trade, Henry Wilkins’ career as a furniture maker began by accident. It all started when he knocked up a kitchen table fashioned from a piece of reclaimed wood to furnish his new house in Walthamstow. Friends loved it, and before long he was using his garden as a makeshift workshop to build more of the same.

As the orders stacked up, Henry realised he was going to need a bigger workshop space. His career as a journalist and photographer periodically take him to Africa, so paying a monthly workshop fee didn’t feel like a good option. But serendipity was on his side – the BloQs wood workshop was just up the road, and the pay-as-you-go membership turned out to be perfect for his needs: Henry can drop in and use the space and equipment whenever suits him, so he can work around his unpredictable schedule, allowing him to supplement his assignments as a foreign correspondent with his work as a maker.

Henry loves the vibe at BloQs, and finds its ethos and the people who use it in line with what he wants to do. Because he doesn’t have formal training, Henry’s approach is to focus on a small range of products that he can keep refining and perfecting, so he can provide his customers with essential furniture that not only looks great but is affordable too. This way, Henry can do the work he loves locally, on his own terms, and surrounded by like-minded people.

The flexibility BloQs offers also means he can keep his overheads down, enabling him to make beautiful, bespoke furniture pieces, for a great price. We’re excited to see how the backing he’s received helps his business grow to cater for the ever-growing demand for his products.

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