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LOSODO Designs

Lovy is an industrial designer with a passion for combining art with science. His fascination with flawless beauty and his obsession for engineering and functionality makes him a unique designer who can reinvent any subject.

Growing up in Mauritius, Lovy was inspired by the island’s breath-taking beauty and the locals’ inventive nature to repurpose objects. This fuelled his curiosity in sustainability and product design. Soon enough his interest in design and technology turned into an obsession and then a profession. Lovy graduated from Loughborough University, UK, in Industrial Design and Technology in 2009. He became a member of the Chartered Society of Designers in 2015.

He is a designer who favours a simple and clean approach in his work. His portfolio is extensive; it includes a range of products, from fibre optic sensors for the oil & gas industry, through old garments re-purposed into day to day accessories, furniture and lighting design as well as bespoke audio systems. His style is characterised by rationality and clean lines and the use of natural materials such as walnut, copper and marble.

Lovy started LOSODO Designs in 2015, a project focusing on simple designs that don’t require specialist tools; objects that can be made with basic DIY skills. LOSODO Designs promotes the reuse of waste materials, the reinvention of objects and a hands-on approach.

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