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Haiku Bikes

Haiku Bikes aim to build bicycles that will last a lifetime. Simplicity, quality of design and strong engineered lines are the core features at the heart of the company’s products. Haiku bikes showcase slick in house paint with beautifully finished metal work and hand carved accents.

In 2015, James O’Sullivan founded Haiku Bikes in collaboration with Tom Ford in an East London studio. Working primarily with monochrome colours and stainless steel, James and Tom make custom bicycles using a combination of bespoke and off-the-shelf components for a range of clients and projects. The boys build exclusively in steel and source from the finest tubing manufacturers. James trained under award-winning framebuilder Tom Donhou of Donhou Bicycles. With qualifications in mechanical engineering, welding and fabrication, James pairs strong design aesthetic ideas with formal engineering training to produce bicycles with precision and passion.