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Eleanor Williams

Fashion Designer
A recent fashion design graduate, E.A.Williams is breaking away for the standard fashion model and creating one off pieces from her interests in Jutaku (Japanese architecture) and ironic and sometimes semi-political statements.

Eleanor uses clashes of mix medias from neon threads to delicate gold work; the main focal points on either her bespoke or upcycled pieces is the embellishment. Only using ethical fabrics, Eleanor carries her animal right’s views into each garment created. With progressive views on a genderless collection every piece is designed to distort the line between the masculine and feminine. 

The motivation of my pieces is to hear my friends say: “That’s amazing, I want it”. I’m inspired by their personal styles and how they layer interesting textures together. Who’s better to have as your muse than your mates? Currently working on updating unloved pieces into bold statements and a series of satirical garments with the aim to create a small collection of ready-to-wear items in the near future. Whilst also taking requests for smaller embellishment commissions.

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