WE'RE HIRING - Cafe Chef Manager, the BloQs Café

Building BloQs is a unique and inspiring environment supporting innovation, opportunity, collaboration, and progress. It’s an exciting place to be and we’ve got big plans.

Building BloQs is a pay-as-you-go open workshop offering affordable workspace in London to a range of creative disciplines. A social enterprise, we offer a democratic model to access analogue and digital machines for working in wood, metal and textiles and have created a culture where freelance makers, small businesses, start-ups and designers can thrive individually and as a community.
At the heart of our community is the BloQs Café. It serves fresh, affordable, restaurant-quality food and doubles as a space for networking, cultural and community events. The café is integral to our mission; it’s where people relax, meet and feel at home. In 2018, we will move to our new home, where the cafe will be at the heart of an even wider community.
We are looking for someone to join our team and our journey as we continue to build our project and mission. We’re looking for drive and motivation, someone with a passion for great food, a front of house personality and the skills and experience to take full operational charge of the café. If you’re looking for a creative environment and a chance to really make your own mark then Building BloQs is for you.
Call us. Ask for Al. 020 8803 3987
We look forward to meeting you.
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